It's always Summer in the tropics!

My Happy Cabaña was founded by long term girlfriends, their love for fun fashion, the tropical environment and the community around them. Using sustainable fabrics and supporting local artisans, MHC's playful styles and their tropical prints are made to love, last and treasure. 

My Happy Cabaña hosts pop-up gatherings around the world, giving women the chance to shop in an intimate, fun environment. Think of it as a small party with friends--a happy place--where everyone can have fun finding new treasures for their personal collection. 

ROBERTA DONATO is a Designer and Stylist from Rio de Janeiro, currently residing in Miami. A busy mom to three kids, she values chic but effortless, easy-to-wear pieces, and believes one should have fun with fashion.

Roberta is happiest when sharing laughter and a glass (or two) of champagne with friends.

CLAUDIA LABATI is an Italian born PR Executive from a small city where bicycles and good food are essential. She moved to Paris in her 20’s to work in luxury fashion, a dream since she was a child. After many fashion shows (and fashion dramas) she is now living her vida tropical in Panama, with her two daughters and husband.

Claudia has an easy offbeat style, loves interior design and vintage furniture, and is always up for a glass of champagne with friends.

Style is like the voice. It is unique, it’s only yours. You are ironic, boisterous, confident. You love hearing the tinkle of your bracelets against a glass of wine when you toast to joy.

You are the way you are: just beautiful. You like your place in the world. It's perfect for you ...

You think it's not worth taking yourself too seriously, because you want to keep the best part, laugh. And celebrate life in all its beauty, even better when it is colorful, exotic, unrepeatable, a little crazy.

It's your style. And it's as unique as your voice - get it talking!