The new collection of My Happy Cabaña takes shape among the sensual and mysterious atmospheres of the Tahiti madly loved by Paul Gauguin.

Fascinated by the magical simplicity of those places, the painter creates in his canvases a warm dream dominated by vivid and bright colors, softened by the talcum powder nuance of the beaches. The heart of this world are, of course, its women, unwittingly elegant and therefore so magnetic, wrapped in those fabrics that transcend the canvases, leaving us with the nostalgia of the island, with its scents of flowers and salt.

It is a dream that comes to life in the new season of My Happy Cabaña where the colors speak loud and clear and the style is effortlessly chic. The palette explodes into a series of cyan blues, is warmed by incursions of fiery red and softened by the amber yellow of the sunsets that dissolves any reticence, to let a spontaneously dégagé allure emerge. The lines accompany this dreamlike summer tale with sensual and hyper-feminine cuts and textures, in the dresses as well as in the cover-ups, the piece you miss to always feel special and never out of place.The softness of cotton and viscose, the two main fabrics, caresses the female body in the many styles of the collection: a daydream, just like Tahiti was for Gauguin.